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Information about Aftab Azarin
From our point of view, education is a combination of various programmes which reveals and expands children’s social capabilities and competences.

Persian programme:
Implementation of official programme of the Ministry of Education of Iran is performed with the use of an active and group study method and with the participation of devoted and creative pedagogues.
Our goal is to provide a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere for children in order to create motivation and enthusiasm.
Extra curriculum activities are performed with the help of professional instructors and the use of educational equipment.

French programme:
This programme is in compliance with french official curriculum and in respect of the aims of European Council for languages.
The research and the organisation of these programmes are accomplished in collaboration with “Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Besançon (CLA)”. Also the quality of these studies is examined by a group of educational specialists from “Ecole Normale Supérieure de Fontenay-Saint Cloud (CREDIF).”
French teachers have been specialized in children’s and adolescent’s education.
Bilingual primary school Aftab Azarin organizes during summer holiday a french summer camp, « Ecole des Loisirs » , where students enjoy different activities ( art, acting, sing along and sport) in french immersion surrounding.

English programme:
This programme is conducted by expert teachers, according to the english level of each student in a daily basis.

Within the school schedule, bilingual primary school Aftab Azarin provides special programmes in rotating workshops such as physical education, plastic art, acting, music and sing along songs.

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